Domaines de la Parrhesia

A garden in the Graves

Domaines de la Parrhèsia consists of two estates, Château Couloumey, listed as a historic monument, and Château Le Tuquet with a Chartreuse dating from the 18th century.

Their vineyards, ideally located in Beautiran, are surrounded by woods and clearings. Hidden from view, these châteaux produce expressive and lively wines that new owners Delphine and Guillaume Journel are keen to make better known.

Visual A garden in the Graves


From the ancient Greek “parrhesia”

(speaking of everything), telling the truth.

Telling the truth, and living their truth, is what makes Parrhesia resonate for Delphine and Guillaume Journel:

: the pursuit of their passions, the guide to their long-term investment.

Thinking about the future

Guillaume Journel started his career with the call of music. After studying philosophy, he embarked on a career as a manager in his family’s international healthcare business, which took the couple from Paris to Canada. They stayed there for 11 years.

Delphine Journel studied art history and first worked in the luxury ready-to-wear sector in Paris, combining trade in beautiful objects with managerial responsibilities. In Quebec, she worked for associations and charities, organising events and undertaking communications assignments. She renewed her ties with the theatre and reinvented herself as a hostess at wild parties.

Their passions remained on hold: Guillaume retained his love of philosophy, and a secret passion for wine. Delphine her taste for human relations and hospitality.

In 2020, the health crisis forced them to take stock, and it was then that vines, wine and the art of living emerged as the obvious choice.

Guillaume had managed Château Demonpère, an estate acquired a few years ago by his father in Provence, and Delphine had spent her childhood holidays in the vineyards of the family business, Cognac Braastad in Jarnac. The foundations were there, and they felt well equipped to pursue this romantic project.

Then started the search for the perfect place to make a reality of their plans for a new life in the vineyards of Bordeaux. The magic worked in the lands of the Graves.

Visual A garden in the Graves


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Their project now took on a new and very personal dimension, with the acquisition of these two gems in Beautiran.

First, the couple immediately fell under the spell of Château Couloumey. Its architecture, its wonderful park and its peaceful lakes.

It was then that Château Le Tuquet, a few metres away, came up for sale, giving the project a new dimension and exciting challenges.

Domaines de la Parrhèsia was born.

Today, the vineyard has about 30 hectares in production out of the 90 ha that will be gradually replanted, surrounded by woods and clearings. Biodiversity is naturally present here, and the vineyard could not be more full of life.

Each château is like a raw jewel, a sleeping beauty that must be awakened. As for the wines, they bear the mark of new-generation winegrowers, attentive to detail, of their time, and determined to express the terroir as much as the aromatic richness of the fruit.

While Château Couloumey produces the company’s most prestigious and exclusive cuvées, it is open to the public as a Historic Monument for 40 days each summer.

As for Château Le Tuquet, with its charming farm buildings and its 18th-century chartreuse, it has potential for hospitality and wine tourism.

Renovation of the chartreuse at Tuquet is taking place this year. Large reception rooms retaining antique features, a terrace overlooking the park, and large stone staircases leading down to the garden all point to the potential of this elegant site, hidden from view.

Domaines de la Parrhèsia was born.

Private functions as from 2024.

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« I believe that parrhesia is the presence, in the speaker, of his own form of life made manifest, present, sensitive and active, as a model in the discourse he holds. »

Michel Foulcault Lecture on parrhesia, 1982-1983, delivered at the University of California at Berkeley.

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